Make chaining dogs illegal in all 50 states

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Some dogs never are allowed off their chains causing insanity and pain and horrific suffering. Most people involved in this method are linked to dog fighting, drugs, and other criminal activity. and of course plain old masochism.

Tell congress we are sick of animals suffering needlessly from this archaic and ignorant behavior. It is unacceptable and so easy to pass nationwide.

Personal story
hello my name is Angela. Too anyone who cares. I just had to write because idk what else to do. it is 32 degrees tonight plus wind chill factor, making it feel 29. I am over in Mobile area. for 7 months now I have lived here.and for 7 months my neighbors have had their dogs chained up in a pin. through extreme heat and now extreme cold. I have called animal control and 4 dogs were removed. they kept 2. Those 2 are the ones chained up. I guess because they have a enclosure the police cannot do anything. I called them on 10-11-18. the police officer was sad for the dogs too. because it's okay to chain dogs for their whole life so long as they have food and water. far worse than the freezing cold is the horrific, insane cries of these animals. I record them. tonight is the worst I have ever heard. these cries sound just like pure suffering and insanity and pain. I cannot believe they can hear it and do not care.I think about going over and taking them, but I will be arrested or shot by said owners. I have never heard such miserable cries. I have asked the neighbors around me if they hear it, and they all say yes with great grief. yet I am the only one who has done anything. I cried almost every day this week. and I am not emotional unless at my wits end. I wish I could play these horrific cries I record to someone just for validation. they are literally freezing and chained. and in the summer they will be roasting and chained. and that is their life. and nothing else.I am so upset I wish I knew what to do.