Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals

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Cosmetic testing on animals should be banned worldwide. Innocent animals such as dogs, rabbits, mice, hamsters, frogs, and rats are used to test the effect cosmetic products have on them before human use. These poor animals are put in cruel conditions where they are forced to come in contact with harmful chemicals that can result in many injuries including severe rashes, burns, ulcers, internal bleeding, blindness, seizures, paralysis, cancer, and in many cases-death. 

80% of the world still uses animals to test cosmetics. These tests are inhumane and barbaric. The suffering these animals endure is truly heartbreaking and nobody should support the companies that use animals in their product tests. 

While the testing of products are still necessary, there are many ways to do so without the use of animals. There are thousands of chemicals that have already been proven safe and can be used in products which would eliminate the need for more testing. If new chemicals are thought to be needed or are desired, scientists have been able to use tissue from cadavers as well as creating and using artificial human tissue, grown in labs, to more accurately test products. These lab grown tissues can mimic various organs in the human body which allow scientists to receive more reliable data without the harming of both animals and people. 

I challenge you to join me in spreading awareness and putting an end to these unnecessary and cruel animal tests.  


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