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Petitioning Hudson City Council, District 2 Mary Yacoub and 3 others

The Hudson City Council: Legalize the keeping of 5 or less of laying hens in the City of Hudson.

The benefits of backyard chickens include a providing a healthy, sustainable source of fresh eggs, nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and non-pesticide bug control in your backyard. It also provides opportunities for families to teach their children about sustainability, healthy food sources, and the care and keeping of pets (this includes being able to join organizations like 4-H).

Please only sign if you are a resident of Hudson, WI. Thank You for your support!

Letter to
Hudson City Council, District 2 Mary Yacoub
Hudson City Council, District 3 Lori Bernard
Hudson City Council, District 6 Rich Vanselow
and 1 other
Hudson City Council, District 4 Kurt TeWinkel
I support the residents of The City of Hudson keeping and caring for micro-flocks (5 or less) of laying hens. I want citizens to have the option of providing their family with a sustainable, healthy source of fresh eggs, nitrogen-rich fertilizer and pesticide-free bug control.

I support an ordinance that:
Requires residents to obtain a permit to keep hens
Keeps flocks to 5 or less hens
Prohibits roosters
Prohibits slaughtering

I also support a one-year trial period for the ordinance.