Build more disabled-friendly homes

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Build more disabled-friendly homes

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Sue Frier started this petition to The Housing Ministers

I wash in the kitchen. I sleep in the living room. Please sign my petition to get a plan to build more disabled friendly homes.

I’ve had Fibromyalgia since 1996 and doctors say it won’t get better. I get so tired and my muscles get stiff, which means I often have trouble sleeping. 

The house I live in now was fine for me when I moved in eight years ago. My landlord put in a bannister on the stairs to help me get up to my bathroom and bedroom.

But 2 years ago I fell down my stairs - I was taken to hospital and stayed there lying down in bed for fourteen weeks. I was told I had bi-lateral brachial perplexy, which means I can’t put weight on my legs and now have to use a wheelchair.  

When I got back home in my wheelchair I could get to my living room and kitchen but I couldn’t get upstairs where my bedroom and bathroom are.

Instead I have to have a care worker come every morning to strip wash me in the kitchen sink.

I have no dignity or privacy in my own home.

The neighbour’s garden overlooks my kitchen and they can see straight into my kitchen where I get washed, and there is no door on my downstairs toilet so I have to ask any friends visiting me to leave the house when I need to go to the toilet.

All I want is a home where I have a flat path to my front door, a bathroom and bedroom all on the same floor, lower keyholes and cupboards and plug sockets at the right height. I’m a pretty independent person – I want to do things for myself.

My council and housing association say there are no disabled-friendly homes for me to move into, but even if there were they say, at 52, I’m not old enough, or disabled enough to get priority – other people are in even greater need.  

It’s not just me that has a problem getting to the bathroom or bedroom. According to the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability, thousands of people have to sleep in their living rooms or wash in their kitchens.

Please sign my petition to help me get a meeting with the Housing Ministers to tell them some Home Truths – we need to know what their plan is to build more disabled-friendly homes.

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This petition had 4,695 supporters

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