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Remove and prosecute governor Dannel Malloy

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The people in this great nation are fed up with our rights, freedoms, and liberties being treaded on. These are God given rights that is listed in U.S constitution that has safeguarded our freedom for over 225 years. As it is stated in The Bill Of Rights. The 2nd amendment, "As a well regulated militia being "NECESSARY" for the "SECURITY" of a "FREE STATE", the right of the "PEOPLE" to "BEAR" and "KEEP" arms shall "NOT" be "INFRINGED!" Infringe means in no fashion, manner, or way can you actively make laws that contradicts the active law. Doing so weakens the internal security of the United States! I urge everybody to make this petition viral. We need to take action to remove treasonous traitors of their oath to the constitution which endangers Americans! Governor Dannel Malloy, has demanded his residents for one last chance to register their firearms or they will go house to house forcing residents to surrender them by force. This endangers the whole country and this matter needs to be addressed immediately! Governor Dannel Malloy needs to be removed from office and prosecuted for his treasonous crimes!

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