Further investigation into institutional racism within the British Police Force.

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Following the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the Macpherson Report was launched in 1998, not only to identify the fundamental causes for racially-motivated attacks, but to understand the reluctance behind the investigation and prosecution of racially-prejudiced acts. The report found the Metropolitan Police Force to be liable for 'institutional racism'. Whilst this brought about vital judicial reform, such as the removal of double jeopardy, eye-witnesses recall the noncompliance of police officers, with regards to the new mandatory training modules in 2002. Nor were adequate measures taken to assess the effectiveness of these courses. It seems that further action is needed to prevent the British Police from accepting and overlooking unconscious biases. This could potentially be kickstarted by the reintroduction of the Macpherson report, whereby all 70 of the guidelines are actually implemented to full effect. Ultimately, the government are responsible for providing the answers to these questions. 

More specifically, statistics reveal that only 6.9% of police officers are from a non-white ethnic group. If we narrow this research to the recruitment of senior officers from non-white ethnic groups, there has only been an increase of 1.2% between 2007 and 2019. Disturbingly, 12% of the victims subjected to police coercion in 2019 were black, despite only accounting for 3.3% of the British population.

To conclude, it is vital that further investigation ensues, and that the Macpherson report is now widely accepted amongst the British Police. 

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