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The hospital sent my brother home to die. Help us change FL medical malpractice laws.


The state of Florida has a law in place that does not allow family members to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor or hospital if the deceased is not married and has no children.

Morton Plant Hospital Killed My Brother



I had a big brother that gave me the best advice in the world. I had a big brother that had his own “Jasonisms” and often quoted Superman. I had a big brother that worked his entire life to become a podiatrist. I had a big brother that would make me laugh when he made jokes about things that doctors shouldn’t joke about. I had a big brother that impacted many, many lives with his charisma alone. I had a brother that was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was six, and never let it hold him back. I had a brother and his name was Dr. Jason J Bottoms.




On March 22nd, 2012 my brother started complaining about shortness of breath and  chest pains so terribe that he called off of work and his fiancée to be made him go to the hospital. They went to Morton Plant Mease, a hospital that my brother often performed foot and ankle surgeries on his patients.


At the hospital, he did not get to see a doctor. Even though he was a doctor he apparently did not deserve the attention of any doctor, but instead a physician’s assistant STUDENT. This student did not give my brother an MRI, he simply ran a CAT scan and an EKG test. From this information he told my brother that he had pulled a muscle in his chest, gave him pain medication, and sent him home.


My brother passed away in his condo on the morning of March 23rd, less than 24 hours from when he left hospital “care”.


After documents were reviewed it was found that his EKG read that he was having a MILD HEART ATTACK while he was in the hospital. He also had fluid in his lungs and an infection of the heart because it was not pumping correctly. This “doctor” sending my brother away was and is a mistake that took my brother’s life.


As a family, we found out that in the state of Florida there is a law in place to protect hospitals and their employees. This law is that a medical malpractice lawsuit cannot be presented if the deceased is of age, not married, and has no children.


We cannot do anything about this blatant medical malpractice due to a law that protects the people that are SUPPOSED to protect us.



 Dr. Jason J Bottoms was a loving son, brother, cousin, nephew, fiance, and most of all everyone's loving friend.

Please sign this petition and help us extinguish a law that allows doctors to kill our loved ones.




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I just signed the following petition addressed to: FLORIDA SUPREME COURT.

Medical malpractice laws

Morton Plant Mease sent my brother home when he was dying.

My brother went to the hospital on March 22nd with complaints of chest pain and shortness of breath. He was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was six and had just been diagnosed with a thyroid problem linked to diabetes taking its wear after many years. When he went to the hospital he was examined by a Physician Assitant STUDENT. The student asked questions that pointed towards the fact that he had pericarditis....He asked if you lean forward does the pain go brother responded yes. The hospital did not even give him a CAT scan or an MRI. They then went on to tell him and his girlfriend that he had a strainded muscle near his chest and sent him home with pain pills while he was still short of breath and in agonizing pain.
On March 23, 2012 my brother passed away in his home while his girlfriend tried to give him CPR and the EMT team, despite all their efforts, could not bring him back. He had gone into cardiac arrest due to the fluid building up around his heart.
Fast forward a couple weeks to my mother's devestation to learn that she cannot bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital because he was not married and had no children.
My brother, Dr. Jason Joseph Bottoms, dedicated his life to medicine and got to practice medicine for five years. Medicine failed him and now the law is failing our family.
All we want is an investigation, and the physician assitant student to feel the hurt that we are going to feel for the rest of our lives. Most people do not realize this is a law....just imagine that your daughter or son after turning the legal age dies within 24 hours after leaving the emergency room and there is absolutely nothing you can do if they are not married or have no children. Not all states have this law but Florida does. Even though my brother left two parents, two sisters, and many family members behind no one can bring a lawsuit. My brother would be alive today if they had just admitted him, done a CAT scan, and drained the fluid from his heart.
This law is set in place to keep the hospital safe. During one meeting between my mother and an attorney he actually told her ER doctors are held at a lesser standard than regular physicians or surgeons so beware when you go to the ER.
This law is a joke, a joke that is hidden from the general public. This joke needs to be over. -For Dr. Jason Joseph Bottoms, my Joey.


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