Tougher laws for those who commit Animal Cruelty

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It is becoming more and more common to see senseless animal abuse in the paper, on television and on social media. Some of the vilest lawbreakers in the land are being given derisory punishments for appalling acts of cruelty that defy our proud claim of being a just society.

 The most recent story of the animal cruelty on Vancouver Island is just another example of why we must act immediately.

 Let’s tell our elected leaders that there needs to be tougher sentencing for animal abusers. We need laws that will give the police and judges the clout to treat animal cruelty as serious crimes to ensure that the abusers receive substantial prison terms. We need rigorous mental health support to prevent reoccurrence and protect society for the future.  We need to stop repeat offenders by developing a national registry of animal abusers so that so that abusers are not able to acquire more animals.

Let's do this now!