POSITIVE CHANGE with Village of Bannockburn Control OR an UNKNOWN County Development?

POSITIVE CHANGE with Village of Bannockburn Control OR an UNKNOWN County Development?

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We invite you to watch our brief video outlining our vision for this project.

It is a commonly held belief that change is good. Change, however, isn’t black and white. One simple decision can have varying ripple effects which determine to what extent change is a good thing.  

Likewise, it is also commonly known that the Beeson’s property, at the Northeast corner of Waukegan and Half Day Road, needs change. And a change, of one development type or another, is inevitable for this highly visible parcel. The unanswered question, however, is how does this change positively impact the Village of Bannockburn.

The Beeson family and its development team have worked diligently to present a project which promises to categorically benefit the Village of Bannockburn, its residents and the surrounding communities. The advantages of annexation are numerous and significant and, we feel, are not being fully understood, to the possible detriment of its residents.

This is a considerate project that provides community amenities with far less negative impacts than those that might result from an unknown development from an unknown entity which may not have ties to the community. We fundamentally believe that the highest quality design and construction will be the most benefit to the community. And to achieve this, a luxury rental component is non-negotiable. The facts are clear; this site property can be developed without the Village. This project, as presented with said benefits, cannot.

Below please find a list of benefits that can be realized by an approval of this project, with the understanding that these benefits are all lost if this project does not move forward.

Bannockburn Area Resident Benefits:

1) Tax Generation

- Projections show upwards of $165,000/year to Dist. #106 alone. Sales tax revenue conservatively projected at $20,000/year.

2) School & Police Impact Fees

- Impact fees, independent from revenues based in taxes, to mitigate impact as taxes are paid in arrears.

3) Continual Tax Abatement

- Per the Village’s December 2019 Board meeting, possible opportunity for continued real estate tax abatement for residents through corporate tax levies.

4) Property Value

- A rising tide floats all boats. Economic drive and vastly upgraded aesthetics at this major intersection will drive up property values for the entire area.

5) Bannockburn Approval & Control

- Through annexation agreements, Village is given control over lighting, setbacks, landscape requirements, hours of operation, et cetera, which are above controls offered at County level.

- The special use zoning required for this project keeps apartments from proliferating anywhere else in the village of Bannockburn. It does not set a Precedent.

6) Higher Quality Materials = Higher Quality Development

- Thriving, unmet rental market ensures that financing is available to build with higher quality materials than a retail-only development could support, a typical merchant developer would care to invest or would be required at County level.

7) Traffic

- Traffic study shows the intersection’s ease of handling additional traffic and stacking.  As well, a traffic signal at the Mariano’s development has been requested, which would be timed in concert with the existing light.

- The additional sidewalk extension adds additional safety for Del Mar Woods residents.

- The village buildings act as an effective sound block to traffic and trains for Del Mar Woods residents.

8) Aesthetic Solution to Intersection

- Immediate upgrade to an intersection commonly perceived as Bannockburn with more landscaping, higher quality materials and attention to detail than a County project.

- A residential use next to residential use is a much better transition than commercial use next to residential use.

9) Enhanced Community Safety

- Additional residents and onsite management will aid in watching the area.

10) Increased Amenities & Rental Opportunity

- Market studies show that luxury apartments are an unfulfilled market in the local area. Residence that sell their homes, but have local ties to family or jobs will have an alternative to moving out of the area.

- The village retail tenants will provide additional local services for the community.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity for continued dialogue with the Village of Bannockburn and its residents. We are asking for your support in making this project a reality.

Our project documents.

For more information, please contact us at info@beesonscorner.com.

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