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Exclude Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary from future animal control.


This petition is regarding the upcoming - KENT COUNTY LEVY COURT MEETING NOTICE AND AGENDA set for TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 at 7 PM. In the Kent County Administrative Complex, 555 Bay Road, Dover, DE 19901 Levy Court Chamber (Room 203).


We specifically request that Agenda item 1.a) Proposal to establish a County Owned Dog Control Unit, be amended to exclude Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, located in Georgetown Delaware, from this list of shelters considered to contract with Kent County under this option.  As people who have donated our time, money, goods and/or services to Safe Haven, we feel that the current Safe Haven Board of Directors will only misuse any taxpayer funds given to their organization.  These funds will simply be used to pay off their enormous debt and none of it will go to the care of the animals.  This will cause undue suffering to the animals of Kent County that may be placed, or have already been placed in their care.  This is further evidenced by;


1)Failure by the Safe Haven Board of Directors to administer taxpayer funds in accordance to the Kent County Dog Control Contract 2012-2013.  

2)Failure by the Safe Haven Board of Directors to administer taxpayer funds in accordance to the Kent County Dog Control Contract 2013-2014 – Contract voted for termination by KC Levy Court Commissioners on July 30th, 2013.

3)Failure of the Safe Haven Board of Directors to achieve a consensus regarding the viability of the shelter to maintain the 2013-2014 Kent County Dog Control Contract, first voting to terminate the contract, then voting to remain open causing several Board Members to resign.  

4)Misuse of $819,000 donation by the Safe Haven Board of Directors which was given specifically for the establishment of a medical wing and the first year’s salary for a licensed Veterinarian. 

5)Failure by the Safe Haven Board of Directors to follow the Safe Haven Mission statement as submitted to the IRS to obtain their 501-C3 non-profit status. 

6) Failure by the Board of Directors to follow the Delaware Companion Protection Act regarding the vaccination and sterilization of animals as required under law, and additionally failed to hold a stray puppy for the required hold period prior to having the puppy euthanized for a non-life threatening condition. 

7)Failure by the Board of Directors to pay for major services which they procured such as Veterinary bills and Kennel bills.  

8)Failure by the Safe Haven Board of Directors to conduct due diligence in hiring Former Executive Director Anne Gryczon, and failure to provide oversight of this position to ensure good stewardship over Taxpayer and donor funds, as well as humane care of the animals.   

9)Failure by the Board of Directors to obtain a finalized Certificate of Occupancy for the Sanctuary as required under Delaware Law. 

10)Failure by the Board of Directors to implement any auditing functions to account for the expenditures of both Taxpayer and Donor funds, especially in light of the past year and their failure to properly account for their income and expenses when requested by the Kent County Levy Court. 

11)Failure by the Board of Directors to file timely taxes in accordance with the IRS. (Safe Haven is currently on a 2nd extension for filing 2012 taxes and is accruing an unpaid penalty, as well as a failure to file timely in previous years). 

12)Failure by the Board of Directors to ensure all Animal records are completed and maintained properly which includes rabies vaccinations given and rabies certifications completed as required by the Department of Agriculture.

 13)Failure by the Board of Directors to ensure timely, adequate medical care to dogs with serious medical conditions, causing undue delay and treatment to alleviate pain and suffering.  This is further evidenced by the removal of the Medical Care page from the Safe Haven website. 

14)Failure by the Board of Directors to ensure the hiring and training of medical staff with the knowledge of veterinary medicine.  

15)Failure by the Board of Directors to follow good business practices causing mismanagement of Taxpayer and Donor funds, as acknowledged by the Levy Court on July 30th, 2013. 

As such, we have lost all faith in the current Board of Directors of Safe Haven, several whom have been in that position since the beginning.  We feel that the procurement of equipment from Safe Haven to establish a County-owned Dog Control Unit, and the placement of ANY animals at Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary will ONLY lead to the undue suffering on the part of Kent County dogs, and will only exacerbate the plethora of legal ramifications that Safe Haven will incur.  We respectfully request that you amend this option to EXCLUDE Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary.   

Very Truly Yours,


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