Petitioning The Honorable Judge Wall, City of Middletown OH

The Honorable Judge Wall, Middletown OH and the Ohio State Legislature: Pass tougher laws against torture, neglect, abuse of companion animals in Ohio.

The case of Jeremy Shane Temple of Middletown, OH has attracted global attention to the need for tougher animal protection laws. We need to send a strong message to Ohio and beyond that animal abuse is not tolerated. 

This case of animal neglect and torture was particularly heinous, and has attracted attention from around the globe.  For 4 years, Jeremy Shane Temple kept Joseph, a German Shepherd, chained to a tree in the backyard.  He was outside, with no shelter and only intermittent food and water, through sweltering hot summers and cold winters. When he was found, he was skeletal and near death, full of sores and bites, and suffering from heartworm among other illnesses.  

We need the court of Middletown, OH to send a clear and strong message that any animal abuse is not tolerated in our society. We ask that Mr. Temple's punishment be commensurate with his crime, and that he be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

And the laws must be toughened. Current OH law is woefully inadequate in its handling of cases involving animal abuse, cruelty and torture. We ask the Ohio state legislature to do the right thing and toughen the statutes to make the punishment fit the crime. Today, Ohio law is lagging behind most states in this regard. Please ensure that we send a strong message that as a society we do not tolerate animal mistreatment of any kind.

Temple's pre-trial hearing is scheduled for October 28*, and we will be there in peaceful demonstration to show our hope that Mr. Temple's crime gets the punishment it deserves, and in support of this new and important legislation.

*UPDATE:  Temple's court date has been postponed to November 25.  I'm hoping to get 30,000 signatures by that time.

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