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Find Justice for Astrid Molzow-Gunter

Three years ago, Felica Stenson and Astrid Molzow-Gunter collided in an accident that would traumatically amputate Astrid's leg. As Astrid's scooter lay on the ground and Astrid was rushed to the emergency room, Ms. Stenson failed a breathalyzer test. 

For three years, Astrid has been confined to a wheelchair while Ms. Stenson is free on bail. The defense attorney's strategy is to play the long game. The longer it is drawn out, the more memory and cries for justice fade. The more he thinks we will forget.

The defense's latest maneuver is called a plea open. They will likely use this technique to request that the case not be heard by a jury and that Ms. Stenson be given a lenient sentence, such as an alcohol treatment program. If this is the case, she will not spend a single night in jail, nor be punished for changing Astrid's life forever.

See the original news report here.

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