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The Honorable Andrew Cuomo, and Members of the New York State Legislature: Be Fair to Public Charter School Students in the Budget

Be Fair to Public Charter School Students in the Budget

Letter to
State Representative Robin Schimminger
New York State Senate
New York State House
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State Senator Timothy Kennedy
State Representative Jane Corwin
Governor Andrew Cuomo
State Senator Mark Grisanti
State Representative Sean Ryan
State Representative Crystal Peoples-Stokes
New York Governor
It is estimated that there are over 79,000 students enrolled in public charter schools in New York State. These students are concentrated in high-needs cities where district schools are underperforming and falling short of our obligation to educate all children.
Education is one of the most reliable and well-documented paths out of poverty, providing opportunities for New York's children to escape poverty and take hold of the opportunities that should be available to them in a functional democracy.
Why should those students who are enrolled in public charter schools be penalized for their families' attempt at a better education in a failing school district? Attempts to freeze, or even cut, funding to already under-funded charter school pupils will amplify the effect of recent federal cuts to Title 1 and special education funding.
I urge our governor Andrew Cuomo, and all members of the New York State Assembly and Senate to please include charter school students in your funding priorities and don't single them out for freezes or cuts in these poor districts; realize that charter schools provide an alternative to failing district schools; recognize that good charter schools provide an alternative educational path for middle income and poor families in urban districts.
Please show your dedication to serve the families of those who elected you. We ask that you don't discriminate against children enrolled in New York's charter schools. Do what's right and support all children in New York's public schools.

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