There is currently no law in WA preventing adults from supplying your child with alcohol when they are in their homes without your permission.  Adults who choose to do this should be held accountable for their actions and the consequences of them. Adolescents and children as young as twelve are drinking alcohol supplied by adults without their parent’s knowledge or consent at private functions in private premises. If your underage child attends a gathering in someone’s home, becomes intoxicated, has a serious accident, or is sexually assaulted, there is no Secondary Supply Law applicable for the adult who supplied the alcohol.

Adolescent drinking is a source of growing concern throughout Australia and the world. Data suggests underage drinking contributes to Australia’s unhealthy drinking culture. Something must be done to address this. As a community we must make a stand and demand Secondary Supply Laws to ensure adults can be held accountable for supplying alcohol to minors without parental permission.

Letter to
The Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor. The Hon Terry Waldron MLA
Premier, Minister for State Development Hon. Colin Barnett MLA
Please introduce Secondary Supply Legislation for alcohol in Western Australia. I believe making parents accountable for allowing underage drinking in their homes without parental permission is necessary in order to make a positive contribution to improving Australia's harmful drinking culture.