HELP US SAVE the Awabakal Women's Butterfly Cave

HELP US SAVE the Awabakal Women's Butterfly Cave

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It’s hard to get your head around.

After almost ten years of fighting against development, we have STILL not saved the Awabakal Women’s Butterfly Cave!

Did you know that in January 2019, the Australian Federal Government made a Declaration to protect our precious cultural site? (The Declaration can be found here.)

No? That’s because we didn’t publicise it.

It should have been a time of celebration for all Australians. We’ve fought so hard to keep Roche Group/Hammersmith and their McMansions away from the site. It’s very rare to get a Federal Government Declaration. But we didn’t celebrate. We didn’t post on social media. We kept quiet.

We still had doubts. We still had fear.

And we were right.

Despite the Federal Government stepping up and recognising the significance of the site, Roche Group/Hammersmith is pressing ahead with their housing development. Lake Macquarie City Council has approved their (ever-so-slightly modified) plans despite the fact that the development will breach the Declaration in a number of ways (for example, a water retention basin is proposed WITHIN the boundaries of the Declared area).

What is the point of having a Federal Declaration if doesn't protect a site and it isn’t enforced? Is this another instance of bureaucratic box-ticking and a patronising pat on the head?

Black Lives Matter? Perhaps not when the interests of billionaire property developers are at stake.  (Imelda Roche ranked No 6 wealthiest woman in Australia in 2020 - $1.48 billion)

The Federal Minister for Environment is the ONLY person who has the authority to enforce the ATSIHP Declaration.

Please sign the petition and ask Minister Ley to enforce the Declaration NOW.

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