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Create a mass overhaul against this corrupted child protective system.

This is a new form of the aboriginal stolen generation, happening in our day and age and all due to monetary incentive.

DoCs, CPS and the like trap many of parents out of fear of losing their children. And many parents are not aware they have rights until it is too late. This is extremely unfair to the parents who do not have any clue they have rights and their children land in DoCs/ CPS/ MCFD/ NSPCC custody because of unawareness.

Your rights should be read to you before an interrogation even begins.

The corruption in the system needs to end immediately and justice needs to be apparent for the innocent.

This petition was delivered to:
  • The Hon. Pru GOWARD MP
    DoCs. Department of Community Services nationwide referendum.
  • Minister for Community Services and Minister for Women
  • Child Death Case Review Committee

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