Demand for Relief from Drug-Related Crimes

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Demand for Relief from Drug-Related Crimes

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WHEREAS health, safety, and the economy depends on civility among people, secured by laws, law enforcement, and the courts; and

WHEREAS a national emergency has been declared to reduce the huge numbers of deaths, disabilities, and financial losses caused by prescription and illegal opioids; and

WHEREAS federal prosecutors have repeatedly discovered and punished money laundering banks contributing to the growing opioid crisis; and

WHEREAS unsecured seaports, airports, and especially “border states” can be better secured to reduce the flow of narcotics into the United States; and

WHEREAS the State of Hawaii has been used historically, and most commonly recently, as a port of entry for opium and illegal opioids including heroin, and other drugs including crystal methamphetamine (“meth”) and hallucinogenic dimethyltryptamine (“DMT”) trafficked to the United States by Asian, white American, and Mexican-Columbian drug gangs; and

WHEREAS lax security at Hawaii’s seaports and airports have contributed greatly to the flow of these and other illegal drugs to the mainland U.S. and international markets; and

WHEREAS drugs, terrorists, and violent criminals may enter the United States from anywhere in the world through Hawaii; and

WHEREAS Hawaii law enforcers and Hawaii courts have repeatedly opposed stricter border security and immigration policies placing everyone at risk in America and overseas; and

WHEREAS Hawaii law enforcers have been increasingly under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for reported statewide corruption; and

WHEREAS Hawaii’s branches of government, and major political, financial, and law enforcement institutions; as well as Hawaii’s largest banks, foundations, public institutions, and public lands, are known to have been established mainly by illegal opium traffickers and illegal means; and

WHEREAS Hawaii’s courts, both state and federal, subsequently evolved to protect the nefarious interests of the original founders of the Territory and State of Hawaii, best explaining court actions and the State's opposition to stricter immigration and federal inspection policies.


THEREFORE, We The People, who hereby sign and submit this petition, urgently request the following remedies from the White House and Justice Department.

1. That a Special Prosecutor (“SP”) be appointed to supplement the FBI’s efforts to investigate alleged white collar organized crimes in Hawaii committed by:

a. HAWAII LAW ENFORCERS, bearing on the illegal drug trade and money laundering banks. The SP should begin investigating the State Attorney General’s office, and subordinates in Honolulu and on The Big Island of Hawaii (where money laundering activities are known to be prevalent), including parties evidenced in court records to have aided-and-abetted by willful blindness, and/or direct complicity, racketeering involving illegal drug commerce and abuse of the federally-funded public resources in the State for drug trafficking, facilitated by lax cargo inspections and weak border security;

b. THE THIRD CIRCUIT COURT OF HAWAII (a.k.a., Big Island's “Drug Court”), Chief Justice Ronald Ibarra (ret.), and subordinates Elizabeth Strance (ret.), Melvin Fujino, and Glenn S. Hara (ret.). These officials are widely reported on the Internet by damaged victims to have turned willfully blind eyes to corruption and certain drug trafficking and money laundering schemes; several involving king pin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., his agents and activities, including evidence of influence peddling in this federally recognized “High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)” widely known to be manufacturing the bulk of meth and DMT trafficked to the mainland U.S.;

c. The U.S. DISTRICT COURT CHIEF JUSTICE J. MICHAEL SEABRIGHT, and his subordinate judges Derrick Watson and Robert J. Faris, for obstructing justice and stonewalling due process in multiple cases to be reviewed, including a stonewalled grand jury investigation into statewide corruption in Hawaii reported to be under investigation by the Ninth Circuit; and that this grand jury obstruction be lifted by Executive Order most timely to relieve and compensate damaged victims; and

d. The BANK OF HAWAII, FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK, and TERRITORIAL BANCORP INC. (holding company for Territorial Saving Bank of Hilo), and their affiliated banks, trusts, and non-profits in which money laundering is known, alleged, or suspected with probable cause to investigate; and

e. The FBI’s HONOLULU DIVISION whose agents and resources were seriously constrained under Robert Mueller’s administration, permitting publicly known injustices, including those aforementioned, to be neglected; and in this regard,

2. ROBERT MUELLER be investigated by the Special Prosecutor pursuant to the “Arizona Massacre,” requiring re-opening of the case and independent inquiry for neglected evidence of involvements by organized crime opposing border security and anti-money laundering legislation advanced by Judge John Roll and/or Rep. Gabrielle Giffords; including court filings and video evidence struck by Hawaii Judge Seabright pursuant to these unconscionable crimes.

Thank you very much.


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This petition had 54 supporters

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