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The Victorian Government has issued some 69,000 permits to kill kangaroos; Peter Walsh (Minister for Agriculture - Victoria) knows this and that there simply are not enough kangaroos to sustain this. All kangaroo shot will be turned into dog food. There is no need for this but it is being used as a 2 year trial. (

Letter to
Minister for Agriculture - Victoria The Hon. Peter Walsh MP
Stop the killing of kangaroos for pet food in Victoria, Australia

Minister, you will be well aware that this action is totally unsustainable and you are just bowing down to the kangaroo killing industry!

The numbers just do not add up and you know this yet you agree to issue the permits?

Is this the way you want people to remember you by as authorising the killing of thousands of "protected native animals"?
We ask you to stop this slaughter because for every female killed another 2 young will die.

This is just not at all sustainable and is purely a "killing" exercise that everyone knows will end badly for our kangaroos. The world is watching you Minister so do the right thing and stop this and stop it now.

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