Revoke Student Visas of Chinese Students Albert Wang & Leo Zhao charged with Animal Abuse.

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Revoke Student Visas of Chinese Students Albert Wang & Leo Zhao charged with Animal Abuse.

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Claudine Baker started this petition to Peter Dutton (Minister for Home Affairs) and

AN international student has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty, after repeatedly beating a Siberian husky in 2015.
This petition is a request to the Minister of Immigration, The Hon. Peter Dutton to revoke the visa of chinese student Albert Wang, 26, of Coopers Plains (and Leo Zhao, 22, of Coopers Plains Queensland) after he pleaded guilty to the animal cruelty charge, relating to a December 2015 incident.

Wang’s housemate Leo Zhao, 22, was also charged with the same offence but did not appear in court.
Wang was banned from owning an animal for three years, ordered to do 120 hours of community service and pay RSPCA rehabilitation costs of about $1400.
The court heard Wang was caught on camera beating Penta — a five-month-old red and white male Siberian husky — “intermittently” over the space of 8 HOURS on December 19, 2015 until the pup fell unconscious.
Later in court Wang admitted to the beating, reasoning that the then 5-6 month old puppy had chewed his mobile phone and the thumping was payback. 
A witness filmed the beatings and called police.
Police seized Penta and took him to RSPCA Queensland’s Wacol Animal Care Campus.
The court heard Penta was assessed by RSPCA veterinarian Dr Sarah Kanther, who found that while the dog was in good condition, he was nervous, easily startled at sudden movements, cowered and tucked his tail between his legs and would occasionally tremble.
The court heard, in Dr Kanther’s professional opinion, “Penta displayed behaviour consistent with having experienced a traumatic event”.
RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said the organisation found the recordings of the beatings “abhorrent”.
“The dog was effectively beaten over a period of close to eight hours,” he said.
“Having a young dog or puppy, you have to train that dog with kindness, not brutality.”

Penta was transferred to a rescue group and has since been rehomed.

Since this case concluded, it has been found that Albert Wang has acquired another Siberian Husky with his girlfriend and moved to a new place.

He is a convicted criminal, and is blatantly disregarding the courts order of a ban on owning an animal for three years.

Last we checked, no one with a criminal record is entitled to a visa, be it student or otherwise, in Australia.

These two particular chinese students clearly have no respect for our laws, or any animal rights we clearly outline here, as they come from a country which has no animal abuse laws in place.

Both Albert Wang and Leo Zhao are criminals who are disregarding our courts and legal system and therefore should have their student visas revoked and be deported immediately.  

Kindly do what is right, and set the right example for foreign students and any international visitors to follow when they choose to stay in Australia for any length of time.

Kind Regards

Claudine Baker.  

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This petition had 37,982 supporters

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