NSW taxpayer dollars used to fund animal cruelty.

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TWO years after banning the sport over animal welfare concerns, the NSW Government has given a massive handout to greyhound racing.

NSW Minister for Racing Paul Toole put forward a media release on July 31st announcing that NSW will host a greyhound racing event known as the 'Million Dollar Chase' during October. It's known as the "biggest and richest" greyhound event worldwide featuring $1.7 million in prize money (for the owner, not the doggo). The NSW Government will be chipping in $500,000 of that $1.7 million.

  • The NSW Govt support of this event comes less than a month after a greyhound mass grave was discovered on a greyhound trainers property in Western Sydney.
  • Greyhound racing was originally banned in NSW in 2016 calling the sport’s association with animal cruelty and abuse “abhorrent”. The government backflipped on said ban only a few months after passing it, following pressure from the racing industry, but they’ve gone a step further now in actively funding the sport with taxpayers’ money.
  • In just the last two weeks, there have been seven deaths and 91 injuries on racing tracks. This is all recorded on the stewards reports produced by the racing industry.

Your tax dollars are propping this gambling industry, rife with animal cruelty.

Let Mr Toole know you do not support this!