NSW State Government: Reinstate the ban on greyhound racing!

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Although the Million Dollar Chase racing event proceeded, we are still committed to lobbying against the NSW State Government using taxpayer money for prize winnings and funding this cruel sport. If you don't want to see these beautiful animals being euthanised due to horrific and avoidable injuries, then please help us keep the pressure on the NSW State Government and use your voice to sign this petition. It's time to stop the exploitation of animals for gambling and sport. 

Animal Welfare League NSW demands that the NSW government and Greyhound Racing NSW cancel the planned upcoming Million Dollar Chase event, and furthermore, reinstate the state-wide greyhound racing ban.

The Million Dollar Chase, announced on July 31, is billed as the "world’s richest greyhound race" offering the winner a prize of one million dollars, with heats beginning in early September and the final held at Wentworth Park in October 20th. AWL NSW is dismayed at the State Government's intention to pledge of $500,000 of tax payer's money to this race, effectively endorsing an industry that had been previously banned (and then back-flipped upon) only two years ago by the very same Government. 

Greyhounds are gentle, loving creatures. Many ex-racers make wonderful pets. But many are simply killed if they are no longer being raced. The unnecessary euthanasia of ex-racing greyhounds in NSW has been recently documented in mainstream media. And horrific greyhound industry abuses continue to be uncovered.

Just recently, a mass greyhound grave was discovered in Marsden Park along with a number of sick and neglected hounds. We have no doubt there will be many more appalling revelations to come. It is now very clear that despite the reforms, the Greyhound racing industry is incapable of regulating itself.

We demand that the State Government rescind its pledge to support the Million Dollar Race. We moreover demand the State Government reinstate the ban on greyhound racing.