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Stop the distribution of a homophobic pamphlet

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I call upon the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, MP., Prime Minister of Australia to publicly denounce the document (the brochure) planned to be distributed by the Hon. Chris Miles and to publicly censure the Hon. Chris Miles for distributing inaccurate and potentially harmful propaganda designed to denigrate the LGBTI community.

Many people see that the proposed plebiscite on Marriage Equality will cause division in the community, and that it may act as a catalyst for the more strident anti-LGBTI people. This may be seen in vitriolic comments posted on social media whenever the subject matter is published and may well manifest itself in occasional violence or worse.

I take the view that the plebiscite is a deliberate ploy to waste time, that it keeps the conservative religious factions onside with the Prime Minister and that it is a carrot-on-a-stick to lead more progressive voters into an election.

Given the number of politicians who have declared their intention to vote against the result if they disagree with it, I suggest that it is simply a multi-million dollar fraud.

Recent reputable polls indicate, quite clearly, that over 70% of the population either support marriage equality or have no objection. Moreover, it would seem that the numbers exist in Parliament to vote the changes in. The Australian Constitution endows the Parliament with the power to make the changes a reality just as the Howard Government did in 2004 when it changed the definition of marriage to read "marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life." as the bill sought to formalise the definition of marriage and to respond to the legalisation of same-sex marriages in some overseas countries. The Howard Government was reacting to marriage equality legislation in other countries and knew that, as the Marriage Act existed, it could not be used to prevent such legislation in Australia. That Government proceeded without a plebiscite or, indeed, any consultation with the Australian people.

In addition, and also without consultation, the Marriage Amendment Act 2004 included Section 88EA in what many believe was a spiteful and discriminatory move to prohibit the recognition in Australia of same-sex marriages performed in foreign countries.

In my submission, the proposed plebiscite will create division and hostility with the possibility for anger and a real chance of physical harm to persons. Moreover, the brochure authorised by the Hon. Chris Miles is calculated to create that division and hostility toward the LGBTI population

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