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IMGs & AMC , let's have a fair clinical exam.

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As we know , overseas trained doctors & international medical graduates ( IMGs) represent a very important part of the medical workforce in Australia.They represent 39% of the medical workforce . 

Those coming doctors will submit to two medical exams and one English language test before being able to practice in Australia . 

These two medical exams are conducting by the Australian medical council (AMC) . 


Since 2012 , the second medical exam which is conducting by the Australian medical council began  to lose its purpose which is assessing the international medical graduates to have safe doctors on the Australian society and following the Australian medical standards . The Proof is: 

1- The pass rate in the exam showing the rolling down a hill pattern , it was 80% in 2008 , 50% in 2012 to less than 20% in 2017 ! 

2- some of the doctors had their chance to work in the Australian hospitals and clinics before sitting  this exam and then they sat this exam many times but did not pass it . That explains how a working doctor in Australia can not pass this AMC clinical exam even with the acquired Australian medical experience  .  we can not imagine that those doctors are not safe while working in hospitals and clinics because they can not pass this exam .This will be a terrible thing ! 

3- Some of failed candidates made appeals , they passed after reassessment by the medical board of Australia ! 

( not everyone chose to appeal because this process takes 6-8 months and you can not sit the exam again in this period ) ! 

The consequences of this high failure rate in the exam : 

1- psychological , social and financial impact on the IMGs ( international medical graduates) especially if we take in consideration that the fee of exam is 3545 AUD and you need to wait months to retake the exam ! 

2- The high failure rate in this exam in Australia will push the overseas trained doctors to other countries away from Australia . Similar exams in New Zealand & the U.K. are conducting with a pass rate of 60% & 70% respectively . 

3- Australia has a rapid population growth,  it will be in need for doctors within months or years. Meanwhile , the working doctors on limited registerations ( those who worked before Sitting the clinical exam ) failed for 3 years in passing this exam ,and got their registerations cancelled . Now those doctors became jobless , their patients in areas of need and rural areas are missing their medical care and the hospitals & clinics lost experienced doctors . That's one of the most important consequences of the high failure rate in this exam ! 

We hope this exam to be supervised by the medical board of Australia & examiners from the medical board of Australia being part of this exam to have a fair go for everyone , keep a good reputation of the Australian medical system in the eyes of the international doctors and avoid having a shortage of doctors in the near future . 

I attached below  report from the (Sydney morning herald )published in august 2016 and this explains how we have deficiency in doctors in Australia .

patient suffering in rural areas ( report in march 2016)

Shortage of doctors in rural areas and patients' suffering stories ( Jan 2017 report) 

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