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Cut Parking Costs at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

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My son is one of the many children who frequent Lady Cilento Children's Hospital for treatment, clinic appointments, and emergency care. In a given year, we could be in hospital 10-20 times, for days or weeks.

In addition to his admissions, we visit to collect medication, for clinic appointments, and for post-admission follow-ups.

When children are in hospital, they often have just one family member stay with them. They rely on family and friends to visit them, and are often isolated. Each visit requires parking. Parking at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital costs between $12 for 30 minutes and $30 for one day. This cost prevents people from visiting. It makes clinic expensive. It makes emergency visits expensive. It means the family member staying with the child must be without a car, making trips to buy food, toiletries, and entertainment for their child impossible without help.

My son is currently three. His main visitors are family. As he grows, we worry that friends will be unable to visit him, due to the prohibitive cost of parking. On-street parking is hardly a solution, as it is notoriously hard to find, and often too far for grandparents or little legs.

We are not unusual - there are hundreds of families for whom this is the case.

I, on behalf of my family, and all Queensland families, call upon the Hon Cameron Dick and Mater Health Services to cut the cost of parking at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. Families have little choice but to park in the carpark and pay excessive fees. Visitors must either pay, or not come at all.

Stop capitalising on families' misfortune. Stop profiting from their children's illness. Show compassion for those who have trials enough.

I am lucky. My son's condition is rarely life-threatening. I challenge Mater Health Services and the Hon Cameron Dick to prove that they are no less willing and able than our southern neighbours to show compassion, understanding, and humanity to hospitalised children and their families and friends. Make parking affordable at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

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