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Reduce Plastic Pollution of the Ocean

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The three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We have a big problem in our throw-away-society: plastic.
It does not only have advantages, it also pollutes our ocean. Therefore, thousands of fish and birds die and the micro plastics come higher into our food chain. Basically, humans eat micro plastics as well, by eating fish. The ocean is one big plastic soup and we have to change this!

Plastic bags and candy wrapping are the most concerning issues. There is no chocolate without plastic packaging and this is why we have to make a change. Big companies, such as Hershey and Mars, have a huge impact on the environment and the consumer-society. If they provide plastic free packaged chocolate, this would make a huge difference. We can reach people around the globe and educate them on the urgent situation of our planet and ocean. Often inhabitants of developed countries do not see the consequences of the production and the waste because the developing countries have to deal with it. 

We need to reduce our plastic consumption. I know that many companies work on their packaging in terms of making them recyclable. But it is essential to do more than that! Recycle is the last part of the three R's. We have to start with reducing the plastic in our lives. Even if you do not believe in climate change or global warming, you can not deny that most of our plastic is dumped into the ocean. 

This is not an attack on the companies. It is just to show them how many people are standing behind this issue and how many support a change. We are all affected by the plastic that is dumped into the ocean. If the Hershey or Mars company makes a change, they are role models for other companies. I recently thought about this because our school store has no options of food without plastic packaging. I am going to a boarding school. Schools should be the places where we are taught what impact we have by buying those products. And it should be easier for students to access plastic free packaged food. This is an important issue which should be negotiated in every school, so that students get aware of our environmental problems from the beginning on in their lives. 

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