Help me stop Dr Sam Wise from harming anyone else. Mentally or physically.

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  • Doctor Sam wise has hurt many people including myself. The Doctor who works at the clinic is very unprofessional and had made many sexual comments to clients and co workers. It needs to be shut down or they need to find a new doctor to take over and provide care that the previous dentist provided. Dr. Wise needs to be removed from working on teeth.


My story 

I recently went to a new dental clinic.... upon my first exam the doctor told me I had TMJ and my jaw bone is deteriorating and I need jaw surgery... along with braces and a few fillings ... at that first appt he told me that I had a horse face and to look pretty I needed my face fixed ... I was very upset but went back for fillings on my front 5 teeth due to him telling me he could do lazer fillings and it would be 100% pain free... Well he was wrong... He ended up doing 6 shots in my gums and did something that made my mouth bleed bad.... I bleed till 3 am in the morning .. I was in so much pain and laid and bed and cried... my poor husband had no idea how to help... The next morning I went back to the clinic and asked what the hell they did ... The dentist informed me he removed 1mm of my gum line to access the tooth decay better... he removed my gum line without my consent ... I expressed how much pain I was in and he sent over a prescription for hydrocodone .... This was the day after xmas... Now they are telling me that they dont accept state ... when I asked for my medical records they told me no and to not call back and I was hung up on. .... oh and ontop of that the tec who was in the room for both procedures reached out to me and told me that I'm not the only female patient he has treated that way and that after what he did to me and the way he treated me that she quit. He also made sexual comments to me as well.