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The Hawthorne police department: take action against police misconduct

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I was horrified to see this. I do not feel safe on the streets with a police officer who will use his gun as Plan A rather than Plan B. We ask that you take this officer make a public apology and resign. We would like you to arrest Officer Jeffrey Salmon, the same officer who was involved in a police brutality & Corruption Lawsuit 6 years ago, for the crime that everyone saw committed in the video and that you do not try to hide the truth anymore.


Here's the way it is, America: annoy a cop, even doing something perfectly legal, and he might cuff you. And if your dog sees it and gets upset, he might kill your dog.

Latest example in this video uploaded to YouTube yesterday from Hawthorne, California  of a man filming police on the street, when they then approach and cuff him.

Warning: if watching a dog die would upset you, don't watch. It looks to me like the cop was approaching the dog before the fatal moment more than the dog was attacking the cop:


This whole incident couldve been avoided. 

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