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Remove the officer who killed Max the dog without cause from his position

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During an armed robbery, Leon Rosby stopped by the crime scene and took photographs and/or video of the active crime scene. He was also walking his dog, Max, at the time. Because he was asked multiple times to turn down his car stereo because it was interfering with the ongoing police activity, officers decided to arrest Leon. He fully complied and took Max to his car before being handcuffed. As he was handcuffed, Max became distressed. He jumped out through an open car window and ran towards his master, at which point an officer drew his service pistol. Max was barking and was very clearly distressed, and not under his owner's control. He kept trying to get to Leon and "help" him as he was being arrested. Twice, an officer approached a wary, apprehensive, and scared Max quickly to attempt to grab is leash. Understandably, Max saw this as an act of aggression and reacted by lunging toward the officer as a threat. The second time, Max attempted to bite the officer's outstretched hand. It was at this point that the officer opened fire, shooting Max 4 times from a maximum of 6 feet away. Max then begins writhing in the middle of the street as onlookers scream and cry.

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