States of Guernsey: publish the report into the Dr Lyons affair now!

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The release of an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding a investigation by Guernsey police and a dramatic raid on an Alderney doctor's home and surgery has now been postponed three times.

The independent report from the Good Governance Institute was commissioned by Guernsey's Government which, through its Health Department was the instigator of the police homicide investigation and the professional investigation by the General Medical Council. (Guernsey is responsible for the health service in Alderney). 

The report was originally scheduled for release before Christmas last year and has just been postponed again.

According to recent news reports, Guernsey's Policy Council (the 'Cabinet' of Guernsey's Government) is set to decide shortly how much of the report should be released and which parts to keep secret. Alderney's own government, the States of Alderney, have unanimously called for the report to be released unredacted and in its entirety.

Robert McDowell, a member of the Alderney legislature, and Chairman of its Policy and Finance Commitee has recently said, in a press report, that: "Until this report is out in the open, I think it's going to be very difficult to move forward . . ."

The whole of the Island community has been deeply affected by the suggestion that a respected member of our community was suspected of being the next Harold Shipman.

There must be no cover up in determining how the Guernsey Government health authorities came to be so badly wrong that they persuaded the police to investigate the matter as possible manslaughter or worse.

The now-completed report was commissioned in the interests of good government; we, the undersigned say clearly that the right thing for Chief Minister Le Tocq to do on behalf of the whole of the States of Guernsey is to confirm that there will be no cover up, and the report will be released in full, without further delay.

** UPDATE **

Since the petition was launched, Guernsey's Deputy Chief Minister confirmed  (on BBC Guernsey, Tuesday, 23rd Feb) that despite some unavoidable delays in finalising the report, when it is eventually finished "it will be published unredacted".

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