Do you think advertising Horse and Greyhound racing on TV should be banned in Australia.

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Do you think advertising Horse and Greyhound racing on tv should be banned.

In light of the latest revelations and consequences of the cruelty of Horse Racing and the previous revelations of the cruelty of Greyhound Racing I personally and I know a lot of people feel offended about being bombarded by adverts advertising Horse racing and Greyhound racing and gambling on TV at peak times.
I feel disgusted that these offensive adverts are promoting the injuring, maiming, and killing of Horses and Greyhounds at peak times and making it sound like good fun and a good family night out with no consequences. There are always consequences for the animals involved and for the Gamblers and their families, This industry is not harmless. Young people are seeing these adverts which do not indicate the harm that can be caused.

These adverts are normalising the idea of Gambling as a leisure pursuit rather than an addiction.

If you feel the same and do not want to see these adverts normalising a sport that is killing Animals and destroying lives please sign.

If we can get enough signatures showing the Government that the public do not want to see these advertisements we can ask a member of Parliament to look at tabling a Petition in Parliament to end advertising.