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The Grammys: Apologize to Domestic Violence Survivors

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Chris Brown recently performed at the 54th annual Grammy Awards, just three years after missing the 2009 show because he was in the process of beating his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna, to a bloody mess. While he did turn himself in to the police and served his time, he has not been properly reprimanded by society for his grave injustices. In fact, he continues to be rewarded.

Almost 50% of Boston teenagers believed Rihanna was to blame for her beating. During his performances at the Grammy Awards people (WOMEN) tweeted things like, "Not gonna lie, I'd let Chris Brown beat me."

These reactions are NOT acceptable. They perpetuate the cycle of violence towards women and cannot be condoned.

Even more appalling, Grammy Executive Producer Ken Erlich stated, "it may have taken us a while to kind of get over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.” That's right: Erlich thinks the Grammy Awards were the victim of Chris Brown's violence against Rhianna. To equate themselves with a domestic abuse victim goes beyond the pale.

Now, how do you really feel about Chris Brown? And how do you feel about The Recording Academy allowing him to perform at the Grammys? Sign this petition to demand an apology for failing to recognize the seriousness of domestic assault and mistaking the true victim -- and tell them to make that apology meaningful with a donation to an organization that works on behalf of domestic violence victims and survivors.

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