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The Govt of Republic of South Africa: Deny future entry to Olivia Nalos Opre !

Since their arrival, The Human race has killed many animals for their consumption,mainly as a food source.But inceasing number of people killing animals for mere fun and fame has forced the populations of many animals to decline in numbers dramatically.

Worringly,In many cases  animals are even driven to thier extinction due to excessive hunting by man.Dodo,Tasmanian Tiger,Passenger Pigeon,Great Auk,Quagga,Falkland island wolf were a few species to be deceased in the recent past.American Bisons have escaped a similar fate marginally thanks to some conservationists and their swift actions.

Although poaching poses the biggest threat to their suvival,vast majority of critically endangered animals are declined in numbers rapidly due to pleasure hunting.

We are probably the last humans on earth to see the real Lions,Rhinos,Elephants,Tigers and many other magnificent creations of evolution and nature, roaming free in the wild before they have been hunted to extinction.

Money mad psycopaths like Olivia Nalos Opre and her Husband Tom Opre have made a living out of this so called gaming and trophy hunting which is a disgrace to the human kind and is shocking.Its high time we made some tough laws to stop this madness.

Targetting an defenceless animal and then killing it is a glorifying achievement for some But morally its a dispicable and ruthless act for any human to take part in.

African continent and South africa in particluar is home to many animals who now live in the brink of extinction thanks to maniacs like Olivia.

Safari tourism has made livelihoods for many people in Africa and Im sure it brings a subtancial income to the country as well.If we allow these heartless people to kill all those animals I wonder how thats going to be sustained.

Please think. !You would also like to see your future generations enjoy the very same majestic inventions of nature that we cherished.right??

Thank you for your kind support in advance!

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