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Ban all Dog Breeding for 10 Years Unless You Buy a Dog Breeding License

If dog breeding was licensed then it would regulate the amount of dogs bred and would stop alot of innocent dogs across the USA from dying. Any one caught breeding without a license should loose their belongings and have sold to support dogs living in shelters due to human error. For those who are dog breeders can buy a license and that money would go to the shelters to raise awarness of the dogs that need to be fostered or adopted. Licensed breeders must keep all vetted, spade,neuter, chipped before selling. Licensed breeders place of breeding should have to be inspected without appointment. The only way to stop the killing of innocent dogs daily is to stop it where it starts..(Breeding) By banning breeding for 10 years unless you have a license will allow the dogs in the shelters to find homes instead of killing them.

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