Vote of No Confidence in the Victorian Government Dan Andrews and his Health Advisors

Vote of No Confidence in the Victorian Government Dan Andrews and his Health Advisors

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Robert Dunn started this petition to Linda Dessau AC Governor of VictoriaLinda Dessau AC Governor of Victoria

The Victorian Government in particular the Premier Daniel Andrews and his Chief medical officer Brett Sutton are catastrophically destroying the lives and businesses of the Victorian People by implementing further Draconian lock-downs and regulations onto the people 

There is little justification for such lock-downs and curfews and the forced closer of Business and industry

Victorian population is approximately  6.3 million

in the past 8 months there have been at the the time of writing this petition a total of (570* updated) deaths Australia wide from a population of 25.4 million people 

There have been 570*9(*updated 2/8/2020)deaths in Victoria * 95% of the deaths are from nursing homes yes nursing homes the elderly or health compromised have never been the focus of care until it was too late 

The Victorian government by there own inaction are now complicit in the the deaths of these elderly people, they ignored advise from the  DHHS in regards to the unfolding disaster in the nursing homes and it took them a week to act 

The Victorian Government completely stuffed up the Hotel Quarantine of returning Australians from OS by engaging private security firms to oversee these passengers who were infected with Covid19, We now know that little or no training was given to these security guards along with very little PPE, We also know that the current second wave in Victoria directly leads back to the hotel quarantine debacle 

This government has from day 1 implemented the toughest draconian regulations and fines of any other state or territory, the deal was to flatten the curve we did that the draconian regulations stayed in placed and some were slightly relaxed, then along came the BLM protests the government said little and did nothing this sent a very loud message that there were 2 sets of rules so people said stuff it  then we had a spike in infections(Nothing to do with the mass gatherings they say) which forced the government to lock citizens in there concrete lower income apartment blocks with armed police at bay, completely against the Victorian Human rights charter which was amended soon after in the omnibus bill regarding changes made to the human rights charter especially the section of right to free movement and travel 

Victoria is now the most suppressed place on the planet with regards to Covid19 regulations, last year 2019, 900 plus Australians died from influenza , 217000 infected 105 elderly died in Victorian Nursing homes, also 8 children under the age of 15 also succumbed to influenza in Victoria yet no draconian lock downs curfews or the destruction of the economy

On average 450 Australians die every day non covid related yet we do not destroy the economy or the lives of citizens do we

The ramifications of these new draconian lock-downs will be horrendous, an estimated additional 250,000 people will loose their employment, businesses will close never to reopen there will be loan defaults bankruptcies and evictions, then there is the human side of things, Suicides will increase, domestic violence, mental illness, depression, murders, homelessness, families divided destroyed, life savings depleted mortgage stress and hopelessness will endure 

All for 570 (updated 2/9/2020)unfortunate deaths all mostly elderly and or health compromised 

This government has no regard for the economy nor its citizens its basis for these draconian measures is data, what data we never see the actual data we only hear spiel from Andrews and Sutton, Sutton himself said we are doing this to scare people shock and awe was is his words this is not data or facts 

Andrews waffles on with no clear direction or agenda to end this  other than  implementing enforcement and fines yes fines of 5k on the spot for breaching his new draconian rules 

He mentions stage 5 but then says there is no stage 5 he and Sutton have completely lost control, for seven months Andrews has taken advice from Sutton nothing has worked, they back flipped on the wearing of masks when both said they added NO value to protecting people we now know this to be true Masks do very little since the mandating of wearing any type of mask the infections have grown in Melbourne- Mitchell shires, medical staff who have access to approved PPE are being infected in the hundreds yet we are told homemade non approved mask will protect us when in fact the government should have supplied us with P2 or N95 masks when making it mandatory for us to wear masks

Again inconsistencies mixed messages and incompetence from Andrews and his government 

Andrews has forced tyranny onto all Victorians what right does he have to destroy our lives our hopes and dreams he is an elected politician he is elected to serve and protect the citizens of this this state, he is not protecting anyone except himself,

Country VICTORIA has been placed into stage 3 lock-down again  yet many many towns and shires have zero cases or very low numbers Country Victoria is struggling to survive now many a business will not survive this second lock-down, families wont survive we have major centers hundreds of kms from melbourne with no virus being punished by this incompetent government why, Andrews says we are all in this together that's laughable not one politician or or senior health advisor has taken a pay cut since the implementation of regulations not one, in fact the Andrews government gave themselves a pay rise Andrews is now the second highest paid politician in Australia, yet we are forced into unemployment onto job keeper job seeker while all these bureaucrats continue to reap there huge salaries 

NO we are not all in this together never have been never will be 

l urge you all to sign this petition and forward it on we the people need to send a very clear message to the Victorian government that they can not treat us with such contempt that they have no right to lock us away with draconian laws destroy our livelihoods destroy our economy our hopes and our future 

This virus has no Vaccine no Covid virus has ever had a successful vaccine developed we need to learn to live with it manage it and move on, draconian enforced lock-downs will not work other than destroying lives and the economy

This Government has no forward plan nothing we hear nothing there only plan is lock-downs that's all they have, ask yourself when do you hear about an exit strategy or a different focus towards protecting the vulnerable 

This virus wont go away and if we do some how flatten the curve again we will still have the same two people responsible at the helm Andrews and Sutton 

Are we going to allow these two to continue to steer Victoria into the same mess again ... I hope not, they cannot be trusted 

Please sign the petition and lets us the people of Victoria and Australia send this government  a very loud message

Thank you

Kind Regards 

and best wishes 







0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!