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Get rid of the stringent liquor laws in utah

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Its a waste of tax payers dollars to spend money to have the state keep the liquor in a liquor store when the grocery stores could sell it there and save Utah money. The State has been  monopolizing the liquor market for years. There was just a news artical stating that they made $69  Million dollars this year alone and that yeilded a 27% profit for the state. They should not be hiking the prices of already over priced liquor to make a profit on its citizens and tourists. They could still keep a small state tax on alcohol sales which would still keep revene for the state.

The State of Utah has been abusing its Power, by only allowing us to buy alcohol in a liquor store and making it so our alcohol levels are half of what is sold in grocery stores across the country.

This is also a big issue because it cost our state a lot of money that is not warranted and there was a mismanagement issue that cost our state at least 300k this year. Please help me sign this petition so we can put the liquor back in the grocery stores and get the government out of our personal life's! Thanks for your help


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