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To pass Senate Bill 236 to protect public transit workers

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Bill 236 is a resolution that would make public transit employees a "protected class" and upgrade penalties for assaulting an operator. It is in the best interest of the city of Philadelphia, TWU 234, and SEPTA to come together so that we can get Bill 236, introduced by Senator Christine Tartaglione, passed. As ridership of public transit increases, so do the challenges faced by the public transit worker. In a community where trauma and economic hardship are pervasive, the number of assaults against operators may continue to rise in a society that relies on aggression as its first method of conflict resolution. The city of Philadelphia is like a living breathing creature.  The people of the city are the blood, and Public transit is the veins that cary the blood where it must go to keep the city alive.  Without public transit operators, the city stops living.  It is time to protect those who keep this city running. If we all come together as one, we can garner the support to show the P.A. state senators that allowing such a vital law to go un-passed is not acceptable. This bill has sat in a committee since January 2011. We cannot afford to let this bill sit around one day longer. Let's make sure that every TWU member and SEPTA employee signs this petition. Pass this on to family, friends, and any citizens concerned with the future of our great city. Sign this petition and show senate that we need this law passed now.


Zach Stone & Charlotte DiBartolomeo 

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