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House Bill 227- Changing the law concerning hit and run accidents

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-       Brittany Schmidt & Sara Mullenix  *****


On New Years Day 2012, John McManus was the designated driver for his wife and friends so they could enjoy a safe evening out. Around 2:00 A.M., John was helping a friend out of the car, when a car struck him. The driver fled the scene, and John rushed to University of Pennsylvania Hospital and listed in Critical Condition while the driver was no where to be found.John suffered numerous broken bones, torn ligaments, and brain damage.

A neighbor of the hit and run driver called police when they realized the damaged car in the parking lot, which had a concealed bumper, windshield, and missing license plate, matched the description given by the new of the car that struck. Upon police inspection of the car, the suspect then confessing and turned himself in.

Since the accident, John has been placed back into Intensive Care with severe brain damage. He is currently unresponsive while the driver is home, enjoying life, having yet to see a day in jail or be prosecuted for his actions. While the sentencing date has yet to come, what he may be charged with under the current law is a slap on the wrist compared to what John and his family are experiencing.

We NEED Justice for John! According to the Standard Speaker, Pennsylvania State Rep. Phyllis Mundy claims there is a loophole that exists providing drunken drivers with a reason to leave the scene of a crash if they killed or injured another person. Under the current law, a person can face a minimum of three years in jail if he or she is intoxicated and stays at the scene of the crash and is then taken into custody, but the penalty is only one year in prison for drivers who take off after an accident and are arrested when the alcohol is gone from their system. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE!


**This bill is not just for John, it is for all Hit-and-Run victims out there!** 


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