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Protect Ohio's State Parks: Repeal Ohio House Bill 133 and 153


Dear Friend,

In passing Ohio House Bill 133 and HB 153, the State of Ohio has given a green light to drill, frack, and log all of Ohio's state parks.

Growing up in Ohio, our first experience with nature is often at one of our beautiful state parks. These priceless public lands are places we can take our children to play outdoors and to learn about nature. We want our children and grandchildren to one day have the same opportunity to take their families to the unspoiled beauty of Ohio’s state parks.

The state parks were set aside as sanctuaries of wilderness and recreation for the enjoyment of the people of the state of Ohio. We believe that industrial processes like drilling, fracking and commercial logging have no place in lands reserved for public recreation.

This petition calls for the prohibition of drilling, fracking, and commercial logging in all Ohio state parks.

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  • State Senator
    Kris Jordan
  • State Representative
    Terry Johnson
  • Governor
    John Kasich

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