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Prevent the further abuse of companion parrots.

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Governor Kasich, Mayor Beamish and Honorable Gary Nasal :

In August of this year we became aware of the severe neglect and cruelty directly leading to the deaths of multiple parrots on the uninhabited property on State route 50 belonging to Mr. Douglas Ratcliff. This is surely one of the worst cases of cruelty involving companion animals. The property confined many parrots in dangerous conditions without protection from one another in appropriate housing or caging. Mr. Ratcliff admitted to failing to provide food of sufficient type or quantity, clean, potable water, or climate control consistent with minimum care requirements to sustain life for both the type and quantity of animals found confined there. In addition, the remains of multiple deceased animals were found decaying on site where they had apparently died with no explanation as to this wanton disregard for both standards of decency and public health.

The graphic nature of this crime, along with the tragedy in Zanesville, has affected the image of state of Ohio globally in a very harmful way. The obvious torture of these animals is unforgivable. They died a painful death of slow starvation and suffered from abuse, forced to live in a confined space with no food and decaying flock members cut off from any help. Everyone is looking to law enforcement to protect helpless animals from this type of criminal so that this never is allowed to happen in your community again.

Animal abuse is a crime and this case warrants the full prosecution of the offender, one Douglas Ratcliff. We respectfully request that you act upon evidence of this crime up to and including prosecuting Mr. Ratcliff, banning him from future ownership of companion animals as supported by Ohio law, requiring him to attend mandatory counseling, and demanding he pay back the community for costs associated with addressing the state he had allowed both his property and animals to fall into. We want to send a message to future offenders that this type of activity will not be tolerated.

To add insult to ingury, Mr. Ratcliff is trying to regain custody of the 10 parrots currently under the care of Dr Brauer at the South Dayton Veterinary Clinic in Kettering that were originally put into his care due to the extreme neglect they faced while in Mr. Ratcliff's care. Please do not let this abuse continue.


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