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Petitioning New York Governor

Support Barbara Sheehan's Application for Executive Clemency

Barbara Sheehan was the victim of unspeakable abuses and she is now being made the victim again by a sentence that does not fit the facts of this case. Barbara has never broken the law and her only crime here was to be the multi decade victim of domestic abuse.

She has spent enough time in prison and she should now be granted executive clemency that would make her immediately eligible for parole release back to her family and community. 

Letter to
New York Governor
I am very concerned that Barbara Sheehan was sentenced to far more than the minimum that the law allows for in this case. After reviewing all of the information available to me, I feel that the sentence handed down by the court is not only a travesty of justice and an abuse of judicial discretion, but it is also a complete waste of taxpayer money with no measurable benefit for the people of New York.
Barbara did nothing more than defend herself against an abuser that had tormented her and her children from the very beginning. I feel that Barbara should be granted executive clemency in the interest of justice for many reasons. Barbara should not be in jail at all but if she must be, then her sentence should be as low as the law allows.
The sentence handed down is another form of abuse that Barbara has had to suffer in her life and she should be released while she can still a productive citizen and a wonderful mother to her two children that have suffered just as much, if not more than their mother throughout this tragedy. These grown children are now left parentless and this is fundamentally unfair.
The sentence is not based on the actual facts of the case, but some faulted perception that putting Barbara in jail for so long will deter others from similar acts. Every person has a right to defend themselves against abuse and torture.
Please use your considerable powers to end the Sheehan injustice and parole Barbara back to her children and community now.