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My 2 grandboys lives are at stake! Division of Youth and Family Services needs to be investigated. I am asking you to sign this petition for Governor Christie to act on this. The mother of my 2 grandchildren left them home alone on halloween. The police found my 4 year old grandson blocks away from his house at 2am and found my 3 year old grandson in the house hysterically crying. The mother "FINALLY" got caught in leaving them alone. DYFS stepped in and released physcial custody of my grandsons to her illegal alien mother and stepfather; 8 months later they are still in DYFS's custody and remain in the mother's and stepfather's custody. My son, the father of the 2 boys, is in the U.S. Army. He was stationed out in Washington State when this all happened. My son having a good standing with the Army was able to have the Army release him to Fort Dix and with a guarantee not to be deployed. My son is now renting a beautiful 3 bedroom home and all new furniture for his children, DYFS has been out to see his house and great accomadations for the boys, and yet they have requested to the judge to have the boys remain in the illegal grandmothers custody. The mother had spent 4 months in jail for 2 counts of endangering and abandonment of the children, then was released to Immigration holding as she is not a US citizen. She has been bailed out of immigration and has not even been out for 2 solid months and DYFS is fighting for her to get custody of the children. Nothing that has gone on with DYFS has made any sense within the last 8 months. My son and myself had a meeting with the case workers on the case. Needless to say I would have had a more intelligent conversation with my, now 5 year old, grandson. One of the supervisor's asked me "why I cared so much about the boys?" Then she proceeded to remind me that I am "ONLY" the grandmother. She was annoyed with the love and concern that I have for the boys. I had my son write up a request for all DYFS records to be released to him since his children have been in their custody and the supervisor's supervisor started to laugh at me and said I don't understand why you are having your son do all of this; told me to have my son handle everything and stay out of it. He said in his 29 years in working there, that I was the 1st person that has ever asked for records to be released and that he didnt understand why I would want them. I said "If your child had minor surgery of some sort and came out with some other horrific type of problem,; wouldn't you want to know what happened and get all the records of just what went wrong?" His answer was "yeah, but that's my child, not my grandchild?????? I could go on and on about what was said in that absurd meeting. I felt like I was being punked and wanted the camera men to come out and tell me I was just punked. We got no where with them. Please, the more people who will petition DYFS and all the wasted tax paying money on supporting people who are so obviously "UNQUALIFIED" to be in any type of position regarding children, the louder our voice will be heard.


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Elizabeth Bell

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