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Let’s be honest: All College students are of voting age. Every elected official in North Carolina needs votes. If our student bodies unite, our families and friends also agree to support us, and we make a genuine effort to educate citizens of North Carolina in regards to how important funding education is, we could change something. We could change everything. Education wouldn’t be considered fat to be trimmed but an artery to be protected—as it should be. We all have the power of a voice, the power of a story. Budget cuts hurt our peers, our professors, and our parents (they get to foot the bill for rising tuition in most cases). It’s time to talk about it. It is time to start the change.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: The North Carolina General Assembly.

Stop the extreme budget cuts to North Carolina Education

I stand in full support of North Carolina's education system. Times like the present, marked by struggle and hardship, demand that our education system is properly funded. Only with a continued commitment to the students of thisstate can we hope to develop creative and innovative citizens who can help us transcend the current crises facing our state, particularly the fiscal crisis. I believe cuts to education in such a precarious time have the potential to trap our state in a bitter cycle marked by increasing unemployment and decreasing prosperity.

I ask you to keep in mind not only myself, as one of your constituents, but to remember that hope for the future, and, thus, hope for rising above the current crises depends upon the protection of both our greatest asset and our greatest source of capital--human capital, specifically, the students who, if properly cultivated by a world-class education system, will one day facilitate the march of progress through North Carolina. I also ask you to remember, those same students, if subjected to the abuses of an inadequate education system, have the potential to drastically increase the instability that currently characterizes not only North Carolina, but the entire country.