Don't Allow Bill Schuette To Persecute Sick People

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Don't Allow Bill Schuette To Persecute Sick People

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Joe Cain started this petition to Rep. John Walsh and

In 2008, voters in the State of Michigan, approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act by a 63% margin. Since then over 100,000 Michiganders have entered the program. Since that time hundreds of innocent patients and caregivers have been persecuted by police and prosecutors. Some have been throw in prison because they were a test case for Bill Schuette. Others have had their property seized without due process. Now the legislature is seeking to expand the power of law enforcement. They have created legislation that will cause patients to be arrested for simply following the will of the people. These lawmakers are playing politics with the health and safety of the sick and dying. Please allow friends and family to continue to care for the sick.  The People of The State of Michigan demand that you honor the will of the people.

Summary of Bills that are intended to destroy the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.   Violation of these bills would subject the sick and dying to prison.  The legislature is considering these Bills to appease Bill Schuette.  By signing this petition you will be sending a clear message to the legislature that overturning a People's Initiative is Not OK.
SB 017 This Bill would make it illegal for medical marijuana users to freely assemble. This is a violation of the first amendment.

SB 321 Would Deny Medical marijuana participants insurance coverage

SB 377 Would provide a real time list of the registry. The police have already abused the law. This would empower them to do so on a grander scale.

SB 418 would allow the state and any of it’s agents to abuse patients and patients would have no legal recourse.

SB 504 Would make it illegal to transfer marijuana with a school zone. 80% of the State of Michigan is in a school zone. This would criminalize transfers in most townships.

SB 505 Tightens the regulations on parents with a minor child and kicks felons out of the program

SB 506 Establishes guidelines for the Doctor/patient relationship and throws the patient in jail if there is a violation.

HB 4397 Is the house version of SB 017 Marijuana Bar Bill

HB 4463 Would throw Felons out of the program

HB 4384 Provides for a photo on the card and waters down the presumption of innocence.

HB 4850 Would remove (4)(e) as a defense and would make it illegal for a patient to obtain meds from anyone other than their primary caregiver and makes it illegal for caregiver to assist any patient not their own. The patient/caregiver would be guilty of a Public Health code Violation and would be in violation of the CSA.

HB 4851 would require that patients to get their certifications from their primary physician. It also changes the definition of a locked enclosed facility.

HB 4852 Would make a constitutionally protected initiative subject to local zoning ordinances. This would be historical.

HB 4853 Would make it a felony to sell marijuana in violation of the act. Please see all the proposed laws. There would be lot’s of new ways to violate the act.

HB 4854 Would make it illegal for a caregiver to advertise .

HB 4856 makes it illegal to transport medical marijuana 


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This petition had 3,807 supporters

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