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Bring good time back to all the prisons

It has kept a lid on populations and given inmates incentives to act right in the federal system, county jails and prisons throughout the country. It can play an important part in controlling behavior. When they took good time away from corrections people, they took away a very powerful tool. It can also control the amount of violence held inside the prison walls. Restoring good time would also reduce the state's prison population by the thousands, and bring Michigan in line with the rest of the country. Good time would enable many of them to safely go home a little sooner to support families and pay taxes, instead of costing taxpayers $35,000 a year. The good time policy would free up space in prisons and saves the state money. Benefits of appropriately tailored earned time policies can include cost savings and reduced recidivism. Even though some earned time laws offer
inmates a fairly small reduction in prison terms, those few days can add up to a significant cost savings across hundreds or thousands of inmates. Although any policy that involves shorter lengths of stay for inmates raises concerns about public safety, states with earned time provisions have seen recidivism rates either remain unchanged or actually drop. This decrease in repeat offending can be attributed partially to the benefits of prison-based programming. The reduced recidivism results in a secondary savings through averted future crime and punishment
costs. Any inmate should be elegible. Also the truth in sentencing law passed in 1998, should also be eliminated, inmates deserve a second chance too, they are still humans, stop treating them like they are not.

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