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Stop the Luxury Tax Bill in Maryland

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This  is to make you aware of a piece of legislation proposed in the Maryland State Legislature, HB1345, know as the "Luxury Tax" bill that will have HUGE negative ramifications on the Marine Industry in Maryland. The email is also a call to action. This bill is sponsored by Delegates Hixson and Mizeur.

Please help stop HB1345 from passing in Committee

This email is an urgent plea for you, your customers, your friends and anyone else who lives in Maryland, to contact as many members of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee to log your opposition to the proposed "Luxury Surcharge" HB1345.

This is the link which will let you view HB1345 for yourself.

This Bill will not only impact Maryland's marine industry, but the automobile and RV industry in the state as well. Not to mention another portion of the Bill which will levy a "Luxury Surcharge" on retail items above $5,000 and a surcharge on income generated from leases, rentals and sales of tangible property. So you see, EVERYONE in Maryland will be affected, not just boaters and the marine industry. If passed, the bill will take effect July 1, 2012.

HB1345 will impose a Luxury Tax surcharge on boats (and vehicles) $35,000 and greater. It will effectively force boaters and would-be buyers of boats to seek another venue in which to enjoy, keep and purchase their boats to avoid these surcharges. Near-by Virginia and Delaware will benefit, while Maryland yacht brokers, Dealers, boatyards, marinas and peripheral marine businesses will be negatively impacted or forced out of business...More closed businesses, higher
unemployment and lost revenue for the State will result...Why can't politicians get this through their heads? Also, where's the guarantee that if this bill passes, that the surcharge won't be raised in the future as the Legislature sees fit?

We all know that boats, or cars for that matter, in the $35,000 range are not "luxury" items. They are the everyday working-man's way to enjoy a leisure activity or a mode of basic transportation. He will forego a purchase of a small craft, or buy, keep and enjoy his boat in Delaware or Virginia. His business will go elsewhere and Maryland's businesses will suffer or die.

Tell your elected officials and especially the Committee members you oppose this bill.
House Committee Member Contact Info Senate Committee Member Info

Thank you for taking the time to read and to respond to this important matter. Let's keep the marine industry alive and THRIVING in our state, not just limping along. Please forward this email or the links, to others in your address book.


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