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Petitioning Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary Senator Cynthia Creem and 5 others



Massachusetts county judge shields corrupt behavior and judicial misconduct by holding hearings simultaneously in two separate courtrooms.  County judge simultaneously held hearings for the” haves and have nots”.


In order to shield attorneys and represented litigants from hearing and witnessing a motion to recuse the county judge.  The county judge held hearings in two separate courtrooms.  While the county judge’s judicial case manager checked in and process non-represented litigants in a courtroom on third floor of the county courthouse.  The county judge held hearings for attorneys and represented litigants on the fourth floor of the county courthouse. 


The attorneys and represented litigants were  shielded from hearing the motion to recuse the county judge which exposed corruption and judicial misconduct, such obstruction of justice, partiality, unlawful ex parte communications, suppression of evidence, denial of due processes; child trafficking; extortion, “robe rage”; and violations of both Massachusetts General laws and federal laws.


This county judge thought so little of the unrepresented general public, and considered them ignorant to the facts of the motion to recuse.


The hearings for the “Have Nots” started 10:30am, after waiting to be heard since 9am.

September 24, 2012

Adrienne McGlone



The county judge attempted to shield and coverup wrong-doings; on September 24, 2012, The county Judge blatantly conduct covert hearings denying the public right and access to information regarding the Commonwealth judicial system.




Could you contact the following, and inquire as to why this Mother being ordered to weekend jail? No probable cause; 19 years US Military Service. DCF has returned Alexiss home; Now, judge is ordering Mother to jail.

Please bombard the following entities with calls and emails:
Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct (617) 725-8050
Governor Deval Patrick (617) 725-4005
Massachusetts Justice Paula Carey (617) 788-6600
Representative Stephen DiNatale (617) 722-2676


Members of Massachusetts Committee on the Judiciary


ALS0, please continue reading, signing, and circulating the petition, need 700 signatures.



September 20, 2012

To:  FBI, Boston Division


Regarding my documented complaint and exposure of the criminal activities and corruption of the Plymouth County probate and Family Court judge; I have made both the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct and Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts chief Justice Paula Carey aware of the criminal activities and the lawlessness of these officials.

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Law chapter 211B, section 10, the Chief Justice has power and authority for oversight and accountability to discipline these judges’ wrong-doings.  Further, the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct also has power and authority, pursuant to Massachusetts General Law chapter 211C to discipline wrong-doings of these judges.


I have made both of these entities aware of the corruption within the Plymouth County Probate and Family Court and the wrong-doings, which includes suppression of evidence, records tampering, denial of due processes, obstruction of justice, ex parte communication; illegal incarceration, contrived and excessive fines, extortion, child trafficking, violations of federal laws (Title 18, Servicemen’s Civil Relief Act rights, Amendment rights 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 14th); Massachusetts general laws chapters 119; 208, §31A; c.209 (all criteria); c. 215, §34B; c. 220, §13B; c.261, §27C(2); and c.265, §13K; violations of the canons 1, 2, and 3 of the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct; retaliation; and colors of law abuses.


The initial judge in the case was disqualified from the case by the Massachusetts Commission of Judicial Conduct, and had committed fewer infractions then the current residing judges.


However, the corruption is condoned and runs deep, such as the fact that the father is being represented by counsel from the law firm that the previously disqualified judge founded; and I am being ordered to paid this attorney legal fees.  Next scheduled court hearing October 23, 2012.


Adrienne McGlone

Adrienne McGlone

(339) 499-8726

 “All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”



August 28, 2012 


Although, Alexiss, 6-years old, is home, it was 27-days before she saw anyone in the family after being taken and placed in a Massachusetts Department of Children and Family foster home.  Within 27-days, Alexiss had lived in two different foster homes.


Alexiss is traumatized, suffering from PTSD, and receives Trauma Focused Therapy.


When the therapist asked Alexiss did she see her dad while she was in the foster home, Alexiss replied, “yes, but it was the wrong dad.”  When the therapist inquired, “How was it the wrong dad”?  Alexiss replied, “I didn’t know him”.  (At the time, Alexiss did not know her biological dad; dad chose fine money, the courts were ordering Mother to pay him for the last five years over establishing a relationship with Alexiss). 


During play, Alexiss informed her Lego Friends in her Butterfly Beauty shop; “I lost my live.”  I am hoping she does not loss her little mind.  Alexiss, as a way to deal with the trauma; has locked all the pain and suffering away; and does not talk about the ordeal.  With the trauma focused therapy we are praying to unlock this ordeal for Alexiss to be free.


Please continue to read, sign, and circulate Alexiss’ petition.  Alexiss’ ordeal has to have some oversight and accountability.  Alexiss needs 1000 signatures!



Alexiss’s Mom,


PLEASE HELP GET Oversight and Accountibiity for Alexiss' suffering, , CALL Governor Deval Patrick (617) 725-4005, Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct (617) 725-8050, and Massachusetts Probate and Family Court chief Justice Paula Carey (617) 788-6600; and Massachusetts elected officials.


The county judges are misappropriating taxpayer dollars and state services by using Massachusetts DCF to detain this child for reasons other than intended by law; further these judges are in violation of Mass General Law 119, and have abused their power.

Massachusetts Mother appeals to Governor Deval Patrick, Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary Bigby, and Massachusetts Chief Justice of Probate and Family Court, Chief Carey; for the return of her six years daughter, who was unlawfully removed from the mother and in placed in the Department of Children and Families custody by a county Probate and Family court judge.  The removal of Alexiss from her mother was in violation of Massachusetts General Law 119 which give judges authority to remove a child from a home in the event of neglect and abuse.  However, the county judge used the law to remove the Alexiss because the mother refused to follow an order that placed the Alexiss in danger.

The county judge, in placing the Alexiss in DCF custody for reasons other than those stated by law has misappropriated state funds and services. The mother, in the past, filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct, and a previous county judge in this case was disqualified from the case for child endangerment.  Since this time, current county judges in this case have continued to write unlawful orders that continue to deny the best interest of the Alexiss by forcing the mother to allow unsupervised visit with the biological father, who has a criminal record of sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping (Superior Court District Attorney Katherine Cappelli); recorded allegations of child molestation involving his stepdaughter; imprisonment for domestic violence; years of heroin use; discharge from the military for alcohol/drug rehabilitation failure; and who has mental health issues.

In the onset of this case, the disqualified county judge had ordered the mother to allow the child unsupervised overnight weekend visits with the father who was participating in a drug rehabilitation program and residing in a men’s half-way house.  The county judges denied the mother’s request for a home-study; alcohol/drug evaluation; mental health assessment to ensure unsupervised visits were appropriate; and further denied Alexiss a Guardian Ad Litem.  The biological father who is from Baltimore Maryland was in Massachusetts to participate in a drug rehabilitation program when he was charged in Superior court with sexual assault, rape, and kidnapping of a Kingston woman.

Currently, Alexiss has been in a foster-home for over 45 days, and has only been allowed to see the mother and family one hour a week, with the weekly hour visit commencing three weeks ago.   The Mother states during the weekly one hour visits, the Alexiss’s responses are depressed for the first 15-30 minutes; and the visits end in tear jerking heartbreak, with Alexiss and mother in tears.

Further, the county judges continue to hold Alexiss hostage in order to buy time to wiggle their way out of violations of the Mother’s rights under the Servicemen’s Civil Relief Act.

PLEASE HELP GET Oversight and Accountibiity for Alexiss' suffering, , CALL Governor Deval Patrick (617) 725-4005, Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct (617) 725-8050, and Massachusetts Probate and Family Court chief Justice Paula Carey  (617) 788-6600; and Massachusetts elected officials.


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