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Halt the implementation of Louisiana's creationist voucher program

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My Governor, Bobby Jindal, is Governor Romney’s point man on education. One of Governor Jindal’s top education priorities is teaching creationism.  He's funding schools that teach the Loch Ness Monster disproves evolution and even teach that the KKK was moral with public money.  Others use textbooks and curriculums which colleges have gone to court to refuse to recognize.  This backwards policy could land him a job as Secretary of Education or maybe even on the ticket as Vice President.

I've compiled a list of 20 schools, funded by Jindal, that blatantly promote teaching creationism or creationist curriculums on their websites.

Schools like the Claiborne Christian School, which in their handbook says that students are taught to “discern and refute lies commonly found in [secular] textbooks, college classrooms, and in the media.” In the January 2010 school newsletter, the principal promotes young-earth creationist talking points from the creationist book “Answers in Genesis,” saying, “Our position at CCS on the age of the Earth and other issues is that any theory that goes against God’s Word is in error.” She also claims that scientists are “sinful men” trying to explain the world “without God” so they don’t have to be “morally accountable to Him.”

Northeast Baptist School uses ABeka and Bob Jones University science textbooks. Researcher and writer Rachel Tabachnick, who examined these textbooks, reports that it is “clear that no instruction is included in the text that would conflict with young earth creationism.” Using such books endangers the educational prospects of students in Christian schools. In 2010, the University of California won a federal lawsuit, ASCI [Association of Christian Schools International] v. Stearns, in which the judge ruled in favor of UC’s right to refuse to recognize high school credits for science classes taken in Christian schools that used such books. UC contended that such instruction is “inconsistent with the viewpoints and knowledge generally accepted in the scientific community."

Faith Academy's student handbook says that as a Household of Faith school, students must “defend creationism through evidence presented by the Bible verses [sic] traditional scientific theory.”

These schools may only be the tip of the iceberg as many other schools approved for vouchers in Louisiana don’t identify the curriculum they proposed to use on their websites.

Governor Jindal claims that he created the voucher program because private schools would offer a better education for Louisiana students. The truth is that schools that teach creationism will give our students a worse education. Schools that teach creationism and do not meet Louisiana’s state science standards will not give our students a better education and have no business receiving public funds.

Governor Jindal must do the right thing for Louisiana students and halt his voucher program’s implementation before any funds are used to miseducate our students.

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