The Governor of IL: Stop Judge and Lawyers from financially exploiting my elderly father.

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The Governor of IL: Stop Judge and Lawyers from financially exploiting my elderly father.

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Please support our efforts to end the financial exploitation of my 83 year old elderly father by the judicial system in Rock Island, Illinois.  Case number 11P35 in Rock Island, Illinois.

Our case has been dragged through the courts for the past year at our expense.  We have been ordered by Judge Clarence Darrow to pay three different lawyers simultaneously, including the court appointed guardian ad litem Thomas Blade who consistently opposes dad's wishes and his rights to manage his own property.

 "Lawless are they that make their wills the law", William Sharkespeare.

This is a simple guarianship case that has been financially exploited beyond belief. 

Thus far we have paid tens of thousands of dollars to lawyers upon the orders of Judge Clarence Darrow.  

Judge Darrow and attorneys openly discuss the exorbitant attorney fees associated with this case, saying that they have not made enough money off of us yet and that we have the ability to pay more!  

Our story began in 2010 when we met with an attorney to discuss limited guardianship.  This meeting was predicated by the loss my stepmother to cancer after 38 years of marriage to my father.  Dad was grief stricken and had suffered a heart attack.  Dad is 83 years old.  He was in and out of the hospital over several months during this time.  

Dad's attorney advised him that if he agreed to a Limited Guardianship that I would be able to manage his affairs and that dad's rights would remain in tact.   So upon the advice of his attorney, dad signed a consent for a limited guardianship.  There was no finding or adjudication of disability.  

Almost immediately after the papers were signed, the court appointed guardian ad litem Thomas Blade told us that dad no longer has any rights and that he is now a Ward of the Courts.  Thomas Blade opposes all of dad's wishes for the care and management of dad's estate, saying that he knows what is best for dad's property.  

We have informed Judge Darrow of the terms of the guardianship as documented by dad's attorney.  This information has fallen on deaf ears. 

With the consent of Judge Darrow, attorney Thomas Blade has been allowed to use the judicial system to financially exploit my elderly father.  They have dragged this out for more than a year creating tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.  This is extortion and corruption of the judicial system!

Dad was born in 1928.  He is a retired US War Veteran, serving 4 years in the Korean war, and overcoming poverty.  Dad has worked 3-4 jobs simultaneously all of his life to build a business and a better life for his family. 

We are seeking your support in this matter.  We will NOT receive justice in the Rock Island judicial system without the support and influence of others. 

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere", Martin Luther King.


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This petition had 160 supporters

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