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Give Illinois a fighting chance with a Concealed Weapons Law

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I feel it is important for a concealed carry law to be signed for the main fact that most of the average Americans in favor of a concealed carry law are only wanting to preserve their most "prized possession," their loved ones and themselves. Illinois should follow all the other states in allowing a concealed carry weapons permit to be issued. Illinois is the only state that does not recognize any concealed carry law what so ever. The quote comes to mind that "49 other states can't be wrong" Illinois officials need to wake up and see that concealed carry will not hurt anything or anyone.

Concealed carry does more help than harm and that is cold hard facts. Statistics show that crime rate is significantly higher in states with no conceal carry law. All across the board from all different crimes drop once a state had signed a conceal carry law and Illinois would be no different. You can read more statistics on how much crimes fell at this website .. (NOTE. link shows Wisconsin as a state that does not have a conceal weapon permit. They have recently signed a conceal weapons law)

Some Statistics : (after a concealed carry law was signed into law in states)

Robbery dropped 105%
Murder dropped 86%
Assault dropped 82%
Violent Crime dropped 81%
Auto theft dropped 60%
Rape dropped 25%


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