Stop! the Inhumane Slaughter of Cows While Still Conscious for the Sake of Exporting Beef!

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[Urgent Request! Hokkaido, Japan]

The governor of Hokkaido, Takahashi Harumi, has made clear her plans to begin slaughtering cows in Hokkaido in accordance with Islamic laws, in order to export the meat to Dubai as certified Halal beef.  In order to earn this certification, Hokkaido will for the first time in history introduce the cruel practice of slaughtering cows while still fully conscious.



Dear Takashi Harumi, the Prefectural Governor of Hokkaido,

 Please prioritize basic humane treatment of life over business, and cease the plans to implement the practice of slaughtering cows while still conscious.

If this initial trial in Hokkaido results in the spreading of halal meat, then not only will innumerable animals be killed, but they will be killed in a tremendously cruel manner.  We call upon your humanity, and judgment to end this.



 The minister for agriculture and food Dan Jørgensen told (February 2014).

    “Animal rights come before religion”.


We do not mean have accused the Islam. Religion is free, of course.

But,  there is no need to follow Islamic law in Japan (Not a Muslim country) , it is outrageous and contrary to the ethics, to give priority to the business than attention to life and Animal Rights.


Halal is said to have the root to "compassion for life Some, so as not to suffer possible.”, so there are also  Muslim countries that have allowed the slaughter with stunning (with prayer).However, cow is very suffering by slaughter with no stunning..

Even if there is any reason of human beings, such as religion, culture and business etc, it will not be able to justify the animal's suffering.

Halal slaughter with no stunning

※This movie is not Japanese.(


*Countries that have banned the slaughter with no stunning;

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, etc..




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